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Asuke safety Training Center is located in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. It is a branch of Asuke Global World Ltd.  Our aim/goal is to ensure zero accidents/incidents by preventing the unexpected and also help people to be safety conscious. We hope to promote a safety compliant society through appropriate sensitization and training on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). We ensure that individuals, formal organization, workplace and camp ground are exposed to adequate training to help foster an enabling environment for a sustainable and safe pursuit of all their endeavors.  We are endorsed by reputable professional bodies which includes; RED CROSS, NISCN, WSO, DPR, etc.

our Endorsement

Professional safety training programs


 Knowledge of HSE ( Health, Safety and Environment ) – Application of HSE in daily/routine activities – Impacting the knowledge in others being a good example to follow

first aid (basic)

Basic first aid procedures – Cardio Pulmonary  Resuscitation (CPR)

Fire fighting and fire safEty

 Types of fire – How to fight fire –  Preparations for fire emergency etc.

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safety signs

Some of safety signs to know and abide by to booster our safety consciousness. As the saying goes safety first, safety always.